About Landlink

Landlink is a brain child of two dynamic persons. CA Rakesh Mehta and Mr. Bhavesh Kamdar. With the redevelopment surge, they realized professional consultancy was the need of an hour. Since both had in depth knowledge of the subject, Landlink was conceived naturally. When intentions are clear and legalities are in place there is no stopping good work! Both the partners have their forte in respective field to execute the work and that too well in time.

“Individually they are 1 each. Together they are 11.”

Rakesh Mehta

Mr. Rakesh Mehta, a CA by qualification, has a natural knack of numbers. He is technically sound, extremely meticulous and very systematic in his paperwork. He is a man of execution and administration. His business formula is, that no organization should be person dependent but it should be process dependednt. His friendly and warm approach towards their clients makes him an indispensable part of the firm. He is so passionate about redevelopment work that he has given up his 18 years of successful practice as a CA so that he can be a full time consultant for deemed conveyance and redevelopment advisory.

Bhavesh Kamdar

Mr. Bhavesh Kamdar is a visionary whose PR skills are worth a mention. He started off by assisting people in their redevelopment projects by reviewing their legal documents and papers. His guidance always worked in favour of the people seeking help from him. Gradually, by word of mouth has good work spread across the suburb and helped him to built more contacts. Over a period of a decade he is now extremely well informed and planned for the all legal formalities. Being meticulous, he can guide people with great care and vigilance. Liaison for government work is his forte and hence makes him an indispensable part of any deemed conveyance / redevelopment advisory.