Stage wise Procedure for Deemed Conveyance (4 Stages)


To be done by the Society

      1. Collection of Documents (whatever are available with the Society)

To be done by the Landlink

      1. Application under RTI for missing documents, if any
      2. Issue of Legal Notice to the Builder / Promoter / Developer
      3. Getting Search Report / Title Certificate for past 30 years
      4. Online Registration of Society on the website of Govt. of Maharashtra
      5. Submission of Application (Form VII) with all Annexure
    • STAGE 1 (Deemed Conveyance)

To be done at the office of District Deputy Registrar

  1. Issuance of either From VIII or Form X as the case may be
    – Form VIII for additional requirements of documents / papers
    – Form X for acceptance of application & no further requirements
  2. Issue of Public Notice in Newspapers (English + Marathi)
  3. Sending full set of Application to all opponents
  4. Hearings (Replies / Rejoinder / Arguments / Written Submission etc.)
  5. Issuance of Order & Certificate that case is fit for Unilateral Deemed Conveyance
  6. Finalisation of Unilateral Conveyance Deed (UCD)
  7. Issuance of letter from DDR to Collector of Stamps for Adjudication of UCD
  • STAGE 2 (Adjudication)

To be done at the office of Collector of Stamps

  1. Submission of UCD alongwith Latest Purchase Agreement of all flat / shop owners. Chain of documents are NOT required except for Agreement executed after 12.04.2012
  2. Fulfill query of Adjudication Department w.r.t. payment proof (for franked documents) or address proof (for documents executed during 80-85 period), if any
  3. Pay the deficit Stamp Duty, if any, on individual Agreements (to be paid by the respective individual member)
  4. Pay the Stamp Duty on balance FSI, if any (to be paid by the Society)
  5. Obtain UCD as certified to be properly stamped
  • STAGE 3 (Registration)

To be done at the office if Sub-registrar of Assurance

  1. Get the UCD executed (to be signed by DDR and Committee Members)
  2. Get UCD registered by paying Registration fees
  3. Get the certified copy / Index II for the same
  • STAGE 4 (Property Card)

To be done at the City Survey office

  1. Apply for mutation entry on Property Card
  2. Get the new certified Property Card with the name of the Society on it.