Registration of Conveyance Deed

    • What is Registration?

Registration means recording of the contents of a document with a Registering Officer and preservation of copies of the original document.

    • Why documents are registered?

The documents are registered for the purpose of conservation of evidence, assurance of title, publicity of documents and prevention of fraud. Also, registration helps an intending purchaser to know if the title deeds of a particular property have been deposited with any person or a financial institution for the purpose of obtaining an advance against the security of that property. Registration of conveyance deed is also compulsory for getting mutation entry on property card

    • Whose document has to be registered?

Section 28 of the Registration Act, 1908 states that all documents of which registration is compulsory if it relates to an immovable property as well as a few documents of which registration is optional should normally be presented for registration in the office of Sub-Registrar within whose sub-district the whole or some portion of the property to which the document relates is situated.

    • What procedure is followed at the time of lodging a document for registration?

For registration of any instrument, the original document which should be typed/ printed on one side only along with one photocopy of the original have to be submitted to the Registering Officer. The copy is required to be photocopied only on one side of the paper.
The registration procedure also requires the presence of two witnesses and the payment of the appropriate registration fees. On completion of the procedure, a receipt bearing a distinct serial number is issued.

List of Details / Document Required for Registartion


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